August Philly Fun! (2 Shows/1 Weekend)

It's been too long since we've had (almost) back to back shows in town. We're excited to bring some Stonethrowers love to Philadelphia on August 10th at Underground Arts as part of Philly Bluegrass Underground. A big shoutout to the wonderful folks at Philly Bluegrass for continuing to organize, promote, and support local acoustic music. If you haven't been tuned in to their bandwidth about events in the area now is the time.

We will be back at it less than forty-eight hours later at Fette Sau for some coffee, Bloody Marys, and pickin' at their fantastic Bluegrass Brunch from 11am to 3pm. Good food, good music. What else is there?

We hope to see yous there!

Join us at Longwood Gardens!

Longwood Gardens is one of our favorite places to be. Because of this, it is also one of our very favorite places to play music. Nothing beats the surrounding beauty, chirping birds, hidden tree houses, and of course the fully-furnished beer garden.

Come out and join us as we pick and sing away the summer at our Longwoods Gardens Residency, continuing on July 13th and 14th. Bring the whole family for an evening of folk and fountains!

Willy Lebowitz
Our new album "Kissed by the Blue" is out!

We have finally pushed the boulder to the top of the hill! Kissed by the Blue is completed, packaged, and ready for your loving ears. The Stonethrowers are a collectively proud set of parents, having birthed and coddled this group of seven songs for years before setting it free for your consumption and care.

This set of tunes marks a new beginning for the band, as we continue to write songs and arrange material together. For the first time in the band's long (over 10 years!) history, Marc Silver has welcomed another songwriter, Willy Lebowitz, to join him in presenting material under the aegis of The Stonethrowers. Their material is stronger together, and the band is excited to present it as a unified, push-and-pull package on Kissed by the Blue

Get ready, because now that we've finally rolled that rock up the hill it's teetering and wavering, ready to roll back down. It will be a joy to push the next one right back up, having completed a new journey, with new songs and sounds along the very same path.

Willy Lebowitz