Kissed by the Blue (2018)

Kissed by the Blue, the sixth album from The Stonethrowers, tells stories of melancholy drenched in shades of blue.

Recorded with Jim Hamilton (percussion) at Rittenhouse Soundworks, Kissed by the Blue is an album of acoustic songwriting at its heart, featuring country and bluegrass instruments unrestrained by a desire to hew too closely to tradition.

New member Willy Lebowitz (mandolin, vocals) makes his debut with the band, adding a second songwriter to group for the first time. What remains the same are the band’s thoughtful songs and expressive arrangements best suited to a glass of whiskey and a long, lonely starlit night.


A Miners' Town (2013)

A Miners’ Town relays tales inspired by the sights, sounds, and testimonials of people who have been affected by the shale mining (extraction) industries. These stories are personal, semi-biographical, and relate to the struggles of equal rights, coming out, and religious persecution of LGBTQ by religious leaders.

The messages are subtle at times, direct at others, but all come from the web of human tapestry surrounding us. The sounds and messages may be dark in theme, but the glimmers of hope deep beneath yearn to shine out.


California Avenue (2012)

Marc Silver & The Stonethrowers returned to The Studio Philadelphia with Grammy-Award-winner Larry Gold to make California Avenue. While keeping the band's signature style and lyrically mournful sensibilities, this album is a return to their Americana and bluegrass roots. The true performative heart of the band is felt throughout, recorded live with no overdubs.


Naive Lovers (2010)

Recorded just weeks after the passing of Marc's father, Naive Lovers was created in an emotional and trying time. With twenty songs in hand, the band went to record what they thought might become three different records. Instead, they winnowed the group of songs down to ten to bring this album to life.


Past Is Prelude (2008)

A little bit of folk, a little bit of country/bluegrass, and a whole lot of three-part harmonies add up to make this band one you don't want to miss."


Stonethrowers (2007)

Stonethrowers is an album of musical transition, as Marc Silver stepped out into the world as a songwriter after years of jazz and guitar studies. It combines his lifelong studies of the guitar with his endless journal writing and poetry.

It encompasses a full range of musical expression from lyrical ballads to rangy rockers.